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For Japanese brand cars in ASEAN and
European brand cars in Japan.

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Wide range of Japanese cars produced in ASEAN

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Wide range of European cars within and outside Japan

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For European cars only, the following engine / suspension related parts engine / drive / suspension consumable parts-related are searchable in one click.


ARGOS - AIP is an automobile part search engine system compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Whether you are:

  • Suppliers
  • Recyclers / Dealers
  • EC Vendors

We provide APIs to access vehicle information accurately using our data of Japanese cars and other international cars in ASEAN countries using VIN, Brands, Chassis, or OEM parts code.


Acquired partnership with Shanghai Level Software Technology Co., Ltd. (

Acquired exclusive usage rights outside of China


ARGOS - AIP Beta Version

Recruited test users


Start of service


500+ users inside Japan

Wholesaler partners throughout ASEAN


Our database provides the following search methods and other hidden services included in the partnership contract.

Search by VIN

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a 17-character string of letter that is unique to each car when it was manufactured. Just by entering the code, all parts are identifiable by groups and subgroups.

Search by model or chassis

User can select brands such as "Toyota" or "Mercedes-Benz" or insert the first 2 digits of the car's chassis code.

Search by genuine part (OEM) number

ARGOS is really strong in terms of backward searching. Search the vehicle models applicable to inserted part numbers.

Search by second genuine (OES) number

Our dabase contains part numbers that is linked to the genuine part numbers. This allows for comparison or ease when making catalogs.

ARGOS Standard API

We provide our 20 standard APIs for use, but users may opt to use special APIs on request for a special price.

Data set-up & system design support

Our international team is always ready to help you set up.

Project management

Lacking manpower to lead or research your service? Leave it to us.

Operation monitoring

For any problem or assistance, our development team is always ready to analyze activities related to the APIs.


Most of our members are experienced personnel from top-share big data company in Japan.




Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Wang Xiaohu







Marketing & IT/Design support

Frequently Asked Questions

What data are registered in ARGOS?

Data of 17 brands are searchable as of now and still expanding.

How many models are registered in ARGOS?

2,300 models and more.

How much is the cost of usage of ARGOS Data?

Contact us via (email) or our contact form.

What is the value of the existing data?

To be able to search through VINs and models per brand, we have put a considerably high number of man-hours.
・Man-hours for the development of VIN analysis per brand 2 months x 16 brands = 32,000,000 yen
・Man-hours for development per model (vehicle, parts, illustration) 1 month x 2,300 models = 2,300,000,000 yen

What is the estimated running cost per year?

・Man-hours for the annual development of VIN analysis
1.5 months x 12 months = 18,000,000 yen
※Man-hours for the development of VIN analysis when adding new models : the development for the testing of VIN analysis for each new added model
・Annual update of 600 models / 50 (months)
1 month x 600 models = 600,000,000 yen

How can we contact you?

Via (email) or fill the following form:

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Search automotive parts accurately.

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